crafts at abis

Ajrakh is a distinctive type of resist
printing tracing back to villages in
the Kutch region of India.
It features distinctive geometric
motifs printed over 16 intensive
stages using madder, indigo and
other plant dyes

Hand block printing from Jaipur is
a traditional method of using
engraved wooden blocks to
produce designs. It is the earliest,
most straightforward, most
labour-intensive form of
textile printing.

Kutch embroidery is a traditional
form of hand embroidery that
originates from the Kutch region in
Gujarat, India. Known for its vibrant
colours, it typically involves the use of bright coloured threads, mirrors and sequins to create elaborate designs on fabric.

materials at abis

Apple leather is a plant based
leather alternative made from apple
peel waste. It is a sustainable
material that provides a cruelty-free
and ecofriendly option to traditional
animal-based leather

Piñatex is a sustainable and
innovative textile material that
serves as an alternative to traditional leather. It is made from the fibres of pineapple leaves.

Cactus leather, also known as
Desserto, is a plant-based
alternative to traditional animal
leather. It is made from the Nopal
cactus which is native to Mexico
and known for its sustainability
and resilience